Fine Silk Face Sponge

Fine Silk Face Sponge


The Fine Silk Face Sea Sponge is an absorbent, dense sponge that becomes extremely soft when hydrated. Silky smooth in texture, it is perfect for facial cleansing and those with delicate or sensitive skin. 

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There are many benefits in using a Sea Sponge for your face cleansing routine as it helps to gently remove the built up dead skin on your face leaving your skin extremely clean and glowing.

Sea Sponges Naturally Don't hold mould or bacteria so it won’t spread or cause any skin infections such as acne / blackheads.

How to use

Apply your face cleanser to face & gently cleanse , Hydrate Sea Sponge with warm water then wipe over face removing cleanser, repeat as many times as needed to achieve clean,refreshed skin.