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What Are Natural Sea Sponges?

Sea sponges are actually the complex skeleton of a very small marine species which grows in colonies on the ocean floor. Meeka is a leading global partner in the natural sea sponge industry and Australia’s largest importer of Mediterranean sea sponges. Meeka believes in working with Mother Nature, taking the time and care to ensure sustainable harvesting and responsible practices. All Meeka sponges are carefully harvested to ensure minimal disruption to the sponges natural environment. Conservation of important root systems, protect and promote natural regenerative processes- where the collection of the sponges also supports the re-growth of healthier, stronger new sponges

Why Are They Used For?

Our sea sponges can be used for just about anything. From make up application and bathing, to washing cars, horses and even painting.

Why Are Sea Sponges Better Than Synthetic Sponges?

Sea sponges are a natural resource and naturally do not hold bacteria or mould. When synthetic sponges are made they are injected with Triclosan which is classified as pesticide to fight bacterias.  Also our natural sea sponges are super absorbent, last longer and foam up your product with ease.

 Is It Safe For My New Born?

There is no better option for your new born. The Meeka baby fine silk sponge is extremely soft and extremely gentle on your new born’s skin. Use it with confidence knowing that your giving your new born the best possible bathing experience from the start.

Does Harvesting Them Harm The Ocean?

Sea sponges are a renewable natural resource. While harvesting, divers are careful to ensure that the base of the sponge remains intact. This puts into motion its natural reproduction. The sponge will then re-grow within a few years, often bigger and healthier then its former state.  All Meeka sponges are carefully harvested to ensure minimal disruption to the sponges natural environment. Conservation of important root systems, protect and promote natural regenerative processes- where the collection of the sponges also supports the re-growth of healthier, stronger new sponges

Can I Use A Sea Sponge If I Have Sensitive Skin?

We highly recommend the silk sponges for sensitive skin. They are extremely soft and gentle on your skin. All our sponges once hydrated become very soft.

Will They Be Harsh On My Skin

Absolutely not, unlike sea sponges found in the Phillipines and the Carribbean, our Mediterranean Sea Sponges are super soft and gentle and will not tear apart or rip like our competitors.

Why Are Meeka Sea Sponges More Expensive Than Others On The Market?

It simply comes down to quality. You get what you pay for. Meeka sea sponges are superior sponges, they are individually hand picked and will outlast any other sea sponge.  We have spent months upon months researching and sourcing these amazing sponges so that we can provide only the best.

Why Do You Supply Sea Sponges Only From The Mediterranean Sea?

There are many types of sea sponges sourced from many different oceans. The Mediterranean Sea has the perfect balance between salt and water temperature to produce the finest sponges from any ocean. We only dive for Mediterranean Sea Sponges as they are the highest quality sea sponge.

Can I Find Your Product Range In Retail Stores?

Yes, check our stockists tab in the menu to find one near you.


 Do Natural Ingredients Really Work?

Plant based cosmetics work in the same way that nutrients work in food. Our bodies will absorb what they require. Antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids and vitamins assist with skin maintenance and cellular regeneration and can act as free radical deterrents creating a sustainable impact upon the entire organism.

The human organism recognises and readily assimilates active ingredients from plant cells in an integrated and proportional way. They are absorbed, rather than treated as synthetic and unrecognisable foreign bodies that end up being stored. The skin cells receive a balanced source of energy from plants so that every component is complementary to the whole improving overall cell vitality.

Why Should I Make The Switch?

The long term effects of using chemicals and their combinations is unquantifiable and impossible to define. More people are experiencing allergies and sensitivities and terminal illnesses as a direct result of environmental pollutants. Our ongoing exposure can be accumulative so the more we can minimise chemicals and toxins, the better it is for our health and well-being. The manufacturing of chemicals that are found in most products creates further pollutants and environmental damage. By choosing organic you can help alleviate your impact and environmental footprint.


Why Should I Avoid Chemicals In Skincare Products?

Your skin is extremely permeable. It transpires as well as absorbs, especially leave-on products like facial creams, hair dyes and make-up. Exposure to small amounts of various toxins everyday accumulate in the tissues and organs of your body. Recent scientific studies show that a lot of chemicals are toxic even at very low doses. Some chemicals may be the culprits of the infertility epidemic. If you're concerned about your hormones and infertility, you're better off avoiding unnecessary chemicals.  If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, your baby is more susceptible to the chemicals you place on your body.


Do You Test On Animals?

We guarantee that all of our products and raw ingredients have not been tested on animals.


I Have An Allergy To Synthetic Fragrances And Perfumes!

We only use certified organic essential oils that have been chosen for their medicinal properties and therapeutic effect on the skin.


What Preservatives Do You Use?

We use several plant based preservative systems dependent on the product. This includes small concentrations of natural plant based alcohol and extracts, native Australian extracts, vitamin E and natural antioxidants. Preservation is necessary and is there to protect the end user from harmful yeasts, moulds and bacteria.


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