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Elena, The Founder and product developer for Meeka Body, has reinvented herself and is on a mission to help you start your journey of self-improvement. Elena's story is like many in our first world consumerist society, but with one exceptional difference, she decided that the ailments of the modern world had no place in her home or life. Armed with a strong belief in living a clean and organic lifestyle, Elena began her revolution.

Natural & Organic Goodness for the Mind, Body & Soul

Everyday our bodies are exposed to a wide range of detrimental chemicals; we ingest, inhale and absorb more than we can comprehend. It is this toxic build up which can have a negative impact on our health, happiness and overall well-being. After developing a passion for all practices within the natural health realm, Elena started small and began mixing a skincare range for her family at home - one nourishing for the body and free from harmful chemicals. It was a great success, and she thoroughly enjoyed creating all the products from scratch. After seeing a gap in the market for a truly organic and natural skincare, Elena realised there was an opportunity to share her products with others. Meeka Body was born and since its inception, Elena has placed the highest priority on maintaining her core values of creating a natural, organic and beneficial product. Partnering with an Australian certified organic and vegan manufacturer has allowed Meeka Body to maintain strict testing and quality assurance, producing a skincare range that is luxurious, invigorating and good for the body!

Treat Your Body Naturally

The Meeka Body range has been extensively developed to ensure that all-natural alternatives to everyday personal and skincare items are available. From toothpaste & mouthwash to body washes & balms, Meeka products are the positive replacements for you and your family. Incorporating thoughtful development and design based on aromatherapy and reaching the perfect blend of essential oils, Elena has created beautiful and luxurious products, which feel great, smell divine and treat your body naturally. Based in Melbourne, Australia and made using 100% natural and organic ingredients, all items are carefully harvested and prepared to ensure sustainable practices are followed. Don’t hesitate a second longer, commit to making positive lifestyle changes and take the first step with Meeka – your body will thank-you.


Meeka and The Environment


Meeka is a leading global partner in the natural sea sponge industry and Australia’s largest importer of Mediterranean sea sponges. Meeka believes in working with Mother Nature, taking the time and care to ensure sustainable harvesting and responsible practices. All Meeka sponges are carefully harvested to ensure minimal disruption to the sponges natural environment. Conservation of important root systems, protect and promote natural regenerative processes- where the collection of the sponges also supports the re-growth of healthier, stronger new sponges.  


Meeka products are made in Australia & created using 100% natural and organic ingredients, 
carefully harvested and prepared to ensure sustainable practice. Meeka's Organic body range has been carefully and thoughtfully designed around the benefits of aromatherapy and how the perfect blend of essential oils effect our overall health and wellbeing. 

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