Essentials Gift Pack

Essentials Gift Pack


Our Essentials pack is designed for your every day beauty ritual needs. Cleanse your body and face with our sea sponges while bubbling away in our aromatherapy Body cleansers that are enriched with organic chlorella and spirulina and high in essential oils.

Our exfoliating ritual with our sisal glove should be done twice a week to assist your body in its natural detoxifying process to eliminate toxins and dead skin.

Your pits will sing with joy with our 100% natural aluminium free deodorant paste. Our paste allows your body to naturally detoxify while keeping you odour free all day.

1x Honeycomb sea sponge
1x Face sea sponge
1x Sisal glove
1x Body wash  
1x Deodorant paste
Total Value: $167.00

Body Wash:
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