Loofah Facial Discs

Loofah Facial Discs


The Meeka exfoliating facial discs will remove dead skin off your face while stimulating blood circulation allowing your skin to breathe easy. Hydrate disc, apply a small amount of facial wash and gently move disc in a circular motion on entire face. You will be left with a healthy radiant glow, follow with moisturiser to the face.


TIP: Ensure you use the smooth side of the disc on your skin.


– 100% natural
– Gently exfoliates dead skin
– Helps regenerate healthy skin cells
– Reusable & long lasting

Care instructions:

After every use rinse discs thoroughly making sure to leave the facial disc clean and free of product. Once a week soak your discs in warm water with half a cup of white vinegar and 5 drops of tea tree oil for 1 hour. Rinse well and leave to air dry.