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Honeycomb Body Sea Sponge - Large

Organic Honeycomb Body Sea Sponge - Large | Meeka Body
Honeycomb natural bathing sea sponge Meeka
Honeycomb natural bathing sea sponge Meeka
Honeycomb natural bathing sea sponge Meeka
Honeycomb natural bathing sea sponge Meeka
$59.00 AUD
  • Offering you the ultimate pampering luxury at bath time, the Meeka Honeycomb Sea Sponge is a must have. They are extremely durable, soft & gentle on the skin. They hold an incredible amount of water & with a little bit of body wash will create a luxurious lather. best of all they are 100% biodegradable.
    Meeka is a leading global partner in the natural sea sponge industry & Australia’s largest importer of Mediterranean sea sponges. Meeka believes in working with Mother Nature, taking the time & care to ensure sustainable harvesting & responsible practices. All Meeka sponges are carefully harvested to ensure minimal disruption to the sponges natural environment. Conservation of important root systems, protect & promote natural regenerative processes- where the collection of the sponges also supports the re-growth of healthier, stronger new sponges.

    Size: 6.5″- 7″

  • - Sourced from the Mediterranean Sea
    – 100% natural & are a renewable source
    – Toxin free & hypo allergenic
    – Extremely durable
    – Does not hold mould or odour 
    – Suitable for sensitive skin
    – Super absorbent & soft, creates a luxurious lather
  • After each use, rinse sea sponge out thoroughly leaving no product or water. Leave in an aerated area to dry. To keep your sea sponge in good healthy condition & to revitalise the sponges structure, soak your sponge in hot water with a table spoon of baking soda for an hour once a month/daily (tampon use) & rinse well.

    Please note that because sea sponges are a natural product, sizes & shapes will vary.

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