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Uncovering The Cleansing Power of the Sea

Uncovering The Cleansing Power of the Sea
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Meeka Body Cares about the Environment and Fair Trade

If you are still using out-dated, man-made sponges to do your daily cleanse or make-up application, Meeka Body can show you a more natural way.

Synthetic sponges often hide mould and bacteria, can irritate sensitive skin and are treated with chemicals and pesticides, let alone add more plastics to our environment. So Meeka Body's founders Elena and Bill have turned to Mother Earth to provide with her bounty of sea sponges. 

Elena fell in love with all-natural sea sponges while on a Mediterranean journey five years ago. "We came across a fisherman on the port of Limassol in Cyprus selling sea sponges," she explains. "Being naturally curious I decided to purchase one to try. That evening, after a long day in the sun, I could not wait to bathe and refresh my skin with this sea sponge. Well the rest writes history. It was amazing! The softness and the way it foamed my body-wash was stunning. My first thought was; when this sea sponge finishes, where am I going to buy another one?!”

Where do sea sponges come from?

There are many types of sea sponges found all around the world. But Meeka Body has discovered that the pure, deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea possess the perfect balance of salts and temperature to grow the very best sponges. After a lengthy search, we selected the experts at The Sea Sponge Company to source their sponges especially from the waters surrounding the Greek Islands.

Are they vegan-friendly?

Many people consider sea sponges to be perfectly ok for use by vegans. Sea sponges have no brains, organs or nerves. They do not think or feel. When divers collect sea sponges it's less like fishing and more akin to gardeners pruning roses.

Are sea sponges good for the earth?

Sea sponges are organically grown, a renewable resource and sustainably-harvested. When collecting sponges, Meeka Body's environmentally-aware divers avoid harming the marine world by leaving the sponge's precious root system intact. This careful harvesting encourages them to grow back bigger, stronger and healthier than ever. Before they reach their boats, divers also encourage the sponges to release thousands of tiny spores which then float to the ocean floor and happily grow into new sponges.

Unlike man-made sponges, sea sponges naturally resist bacteria and mould and lather up into a luxurious, superior foam so you'll find you use less cleaning and beauty products with them. And choosing a natural product also lessens the impact of additional synthetic materials and chemicals released into the environment.

Are sea sponges safe for skin?

The types of sea sponges that Meeka Body select are super soft and easily glide on the skin. They won't cause break-outs and are hypo-allergenic to suit most sensitive skins. These sea sponges are so gentle you'll have peace of mind when using them to nurture even your baby's delicate, new skin.


Our Sea Sponges Are;

  • Natural, organic and environmentally-friendly.
  • Anti-bacterial, chemical and pesticide free.
  • Easy to clean. Simply rinse and squeeze out after use and dry in an airy spot. Deep clean once a month with a soak in hot water and a little baking soda. 
  • Super soft and hypoallergenic.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Long-lasting. Sponges from the Caribbean or the Philippines tend to rip and tear. Meeka Body's deep sea Mediterranean sponges are grown to last.
  • Easy to use - just add water! - and quick to lather.
  • Multi-purpose. While Elena is a fan of using sea sponges to cleanse face, body and to apply beauty products, some people use them to clean their car, houses (or horses!) or even as natural tampons. 
  • Beautiful. Different textures, shapes, sizes and colours look great piled up together in your bathroom.

Why try to improve on nature's design, when it's this perfect? Dive into our range of sea sponges here.

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  • lisa: February 05, 2020

    I absolutely love my Meeka Sea Sponge. Ive had mine for 2 years and i honestly cannot bathe without it.

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