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Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal
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As far as 'it'-ingredients go, you may be asking yourself.. is Activated Charcoal the new black? 

Traditionally used in the medical field for the treatment of poisoning, Activated Charcoal has the ability to trap toxins and chemicals within it millions of tiny pore like structures. When applied to the body, Activated Charcoal consequently removes these toxins and chemicals as it leaves the body.. magic right? Well what if this same effect could be applied to your oral care routine? Think teeth-whiting, without the expensive dental appointment.


Activated Charcoal is the IDEAL oral-care ingredient, not only does it draw out any impurities or stains from your teeth - (subsequently whitening and brightening your teeth with each application), it is also natural and free from any nasty chemicals commonly used in toothpastes and mouthwashes today.   

With all of this in mind, we just had to develop an oral-care range to share with our Meeka Body tribe. The result? Instantly brighter, whiter and healthy smiles, suitable for the whole family.   

Check it out ..   Meeka X


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