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Meeka Body - Interview

Meeka Body - Interview
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We met with the beautiful Elena from Meeka to talk about her beautiful products.  We absolutely fell in love with each and every one of them and couldn’t be more excited to share this beautiful brand with you!

Tell us about you and how Meeka started?

Meeka was born while we were holidaying in Europe. We came across Sea Sponges on the Greek Islands and fell in love with them and thought that it would be a great idea to start distributing them throughout Australia. What began to be a holiday ended up being a business trip! Our Organic Body Range was developed as a body wash was needed for the correct use of a sea sponge to achieve the ultimate luxurious bathing experience. We Began our Organic Body range with two body cleansers and now have expanded the range all the way to an Oral care range.

How did you choose the ingredients for your products?

All our products we carefully select the highest quality ingredients to maximise its effect on the body to not only smell great but to be active and benefit your body, soul and mind.  For our new our Oral Care range the ingredients chosen was so they are active to detoxify the mouth and create a natural Ph level in your mouth. We use myrhh, peppermint, clove bud essential oils along with Coconut oil kill of bad bacteria. Our main miracle Ingredient Activated Charcoal is amazing as it draws out toxins from your mouth and head, whitens your teeth and improves your overall health.

What is your favourite beauty + wellness tip?

Eat organic whole foods, Drink filtered alkalised water, be active, keep learning and best of all keep your skincare routine simple.

Do you have favourite product in your range?

To be completely honest I love them all. My belief is that if i don't love and believe in it myself then I will never sell it.

What can we see for Meeka for the future?

Every day my creative juices are flowing and I love developing new products, it’s my therapy :) My aim is for everyone to own there own Meeka luxurious sea sponge and stop using chemical, mould filled plastic sponges.

By 2018 I want to release a full skincare line for your face that has active natural ingredients that work. I would also love to see my range overseas for the whole world to enjoy.


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