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Does An Alkaline Diet Give You Good Skin?

Does An Alkaline Diet Give You Good Skin?
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Here’s the simple truth… What you put in your body is just as important than what you put on your body.


What I love about eating the alkaline way is that the same foods that are perfect for nourishing your body on the inside also make your body look great on the outside.

 I have a feeling you already know this is true. Anyone who has struggled to fight acne, rosacea, skin redness, hair loss, or the effects of ageing on skin, knows that supposed cure-alls & even prescription-strength medications just don’t work.

You can slather on all of the chemical treatments you want, but stubborn skin & hair problems just won’t go away.

 By consuming high-alkaline foods & following the other aspects of the alkaline lifestyle, you too can reclaim your youthful glow.



The alkaline diet theory goes that after digestion, all foods have either an acid or alkaline effect on the body. Based on the belief that a more acidic body creates a breeding ground for disease, the diet advocates an 80/20 ratio of alkaline to acid forming foods to create the optimum pH balance in the body.

The acronym 'pH' is short for 'potential to free hydrogen ions' & is a measure of how acid or alkaline any aqueous solution is. Applied to our health, it's basically a measure of how much oxygen is in our blood. The higher a liquid's pH, the more acidic & oxygen deprived it becomes, with fewer free hydrogen ions available; the lower its pH, the more free hydrogen ions it has.

The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, a pH of 7 is neutral. Anything with a pH below 7 is considered acidic; anything with a pH above 7 is alkaline.

Our blood is slightly alkaline, between 7.35 and 7.45. The stomach has a pH of 3.5, which is highly acidic so it can break down food.



Alkaline forming foods are naturally very high in the exact vitamins & minerals needed for good skin — antioxidants such as beta-carotene & vitamins C, E & A, omega-3 fatty acids & zinc.

Let’s run through my 3 favourite alkaline beauty tips that will have your hair, face, body & nails all looking like you’ve spent weeks at a high-end spa.

1. Cut out trigger foods.

Acidic foods as a whole actually rob your skin & nails of B vitamins, magnesium & zinc, which are essential to your body’s immune response. The more your body has to fight acid & diseases from a weakened immune system, the fewer reserves it has to keep skin healthy, eyes shining & hair lustrous.

So, cutting out acidic foods & replacing them with alkaline options goes a long way for your body as a whole & your beauty in particular. Replacing coffee & carbonated water with alkaline water is a great start. If you can't survive without your morning coffee, add some coconut oil or MCT. When drinking carbonated water add a slice of fresh lemon not only for flavour but also health.

Sugar is the worst food for your skin! Acne & other skin problems feed on sugar. Unless you nearly eliminate sugar (only keeping natural fruit sugars in combination with alkaline ingredients), you’ll continue to have redness and inflammation in your skin.

Gluten & dairy products clog up your digestive system & if you’re wondering what that has to do with how you look… well, the short answer is: everything. If your digestive system isn’t properly clearing out toxins & hormonal build up, it means that these stay in your system & can even recirculate in your body. Skin issues are one of the first ways you’ll notice a backed-up gut.

Fried foods, processed foods & foods with trans fats all have an adverse effect on your appearance by stimulating oil production, clogging pores, ageing skin & gaining excess weight around the midsection.

2. Eat a HIGH fat diet – as long as they’re good fats!

Yes, you read that right. For decades, we’ve been told that a low-fat diet is the key to looking good. But in fact, the opposite is true.

Healthy fats all contain essential fatty acids like Omega-3s that result in more hydrated skin & shinier hair, as well as less redness & irritation. These good fats can be found in:

• Fish oil
• Wild-caught fish like fresh, cold-water salmon
• Micro-algae oil (this is the best source for vegans & vegetarians)
• Chia, flax & hemp seeds
• Walnuts

The mistake that many people who have figured out that the low-fat trend was wrong, have decided that ALL fat is okay. This means they’re eating a lot of the pro-inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids, like baked goods, margarine, corn, soy & vegetable oils.

These fatty acids especially when consumed in large quantities is incorrect & dangerous. Those foods should be avoided like the plague!

What about flax oil? That needs to be avoided too, because it’s oxidized, in all forms.

Eating plenty of good fats will have another positive effect on how you look – you can finally get rid of any unwanted belly fat!

By eating more good fat, fewer carbs & sugar, your body can begin to run on fat rather than on carbohydrates. You’ll look better, feel better & crave fewer carbs as a result.

Finally, by eating good fats, you’ll get plenty of collagen. You may have heard skincare experts talk about collagen, but what is it?

It’s a type of protein that is used in connective tissue in the hair, skin, nails, teeth & joints to keep them plump, strong & working properly.

Although your body naturally produces collagen, that slows as we age. By 40, we’ve already lost 15% of our production.

The good news is that you can eat collagen to supplement your natural supply. It’s found in chicken skin, chicken feet, bone broths & some cuts of meat.

But you don’t need these acidic foods to boost your collagen supply – healthy fats, dark green leafy vegetables & other alkaline foods like avocados, tomatoes, garlic, chia seeds & pumpkin seeds are all high sources of collagen.

3. Eat more of these top beauty foods.

Our product range has been formulated with cold pressed extracts, herbs & minerals so they are active on the skin and actually deliver results. With the combination of a good skin care ritual and a healthy alkaline diet, your giving your body good fuel to be and look it's best..

For instance, vitamin C boosts skin’s collagen production, vitamin A prevents extra cell growth on the outer layer of skin, which exacerbates the signs of ageing & zinc prevents scalp & skin dryness.

So, if you want to look younger & healthier, these foods are your best bets:

• Flax, chia & hemp seeds
• Avocado
• Organic, wild-caught salmon
• Coconut oil
• Raw almonds
• Kale, spinach, watercress, arugula, and other leafy greens
• Carrots
• Pumpkin seeds
• Bell peppers
• Broccoli
• Tomatoes
• Lemons & limes
• Sweet potatoes


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