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  • The Power Of Fruit Enzymes

    Promoting; Collagen / Anti-ageing / Brighten

  • Loofah Facial Discs

    Exfoliating facial discs are an environmentally friendly option to remove dead skin , while stimulating blood circulation allowing your skin to breathe easy

  • Aloe vera contains over 75 different nutrients & is high in antioxidants along with Organic Kakadu Plum which contains the highest vitamin C concentration.

The Meeka Philosophy

The Meeka Range has been developed so you discover the sacredness within your skincare ritual — the magic of your own touch, magnified by the potency of cellular extracted plant oils, minerals, & herbs to maintain the active elements of the extracts. 

An elevated natural experience, Meeka takes a holistic approach to beauty that transcends skincare; it is a total experience that works to nurture the mind, body, spirit & emotions. Our mission is to provide a catalyst for your conscious time-out, while also delivering unparalleled measurable results. 

We pour every effort into delivering the most beautiful experience we can envisage for you to relax, self care & self love. We are committed to crafting our products ethically without uncompromising integrity, from the seed to the bottle to deliver you a skincare line like no other.


                                                                               Our Story

Free from: Parabens, Mineral Oil, Palm Oil, Artificial fragrances, Artificial colours, Sulphates, Petro-chemicals, Glycols, Silicone, Fluorides, Additives, Artificial Emulsifiers. Non-toxic. No Genetically Modified Ingredients. 

  • " Best Body Sponge!! "

    I actually bought this sea sponge for my partner and it came in the post very quickly. I opened it up , it came in a beautiful re-use able bag . ( which i claimed ) He is so happy with it !! So soft !! I am now getting the gift packs for my family. I also received a sample of the body cleanser ... one word DEVINE !!! So glad I found you Meeka !!!

  • "This has replaced my prescription cream"

    Oh my this brand is so good for eczema / or any skin conditions you have. (Organic Aloe Vera Gel) When my eczema plays up in my joints I also use and it and within 2 to 3 mins it literally stops the itch and my redness on my arm just vanishes. The gel is actually better than my prescription cream I use on my eczema. I also use the same product on my face it is great for a hot dry day. Love it!

  • " What an oil :) "

    I cant get enough of this oil and it just so beautiful to use. My skin has never felt so good and best of all i can get dressed straight away as its not sticky. Love, Love, Love.

  • " Great Deodorant "

    I am so impressed with this deodorant, it smells great and is so effective even after a good gym session. I use to get rashes from commercial deodorants and have tried natural ones too but they never worked. So great to find an organic alternative and which is affordable and works - thanks Meeka Body.

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